Apple Event – September 2015

I’m really liking the way Apple is headed. Wednesday’s event was fast and crammed with stuff. Highlights:

  • New Apple watch colors and bands. The new watchOS 2 was previously announced.
  • iPad Pro:
    • Larger size
    • Force Touch Display
    • Better sound (4 speakers)
    • Optional Smart Keyboard – screen cover/keyboard a la Surface, based on MacBook keyboard
    • Optional Apple Pencil – touch-sensitive stylus, very precise
  • New Apple TV:
    • Better hardware supports games and apps
    • New Remote:
      • Touch screen at the top
      • Bluetooth connection (no more line-of-sight!)
      • Wii-like motion sensors for gaming and other input
      • Microphone
    • Siri integration:
      • Search across multiple fields of data
      • Commands for all sorts of interactions
  • iPhone 6S and 6S+
    • Better camera
    • Live Photos (similar to video, but in photos, less resource-intensive)
    • 3D Touch (renamed Force Touch)
    • Faster processor
    • Better LTE and WiFi radios
    • Rose Gold color added
    • Faster Touch ID
  • Upgrade pricing for iPhone
    • Monthly payments for your phone
    • Can trade in at the 1 year mark for a new plan
    • AppleCare+ included in the reasonable prices

I think I’m most excited for the AppleTV. The features really make for a compelling product. “Siri, play me a movie starring Kevin Bacon” should actually work! The only thing I lack is a bandwidth connection that can support streaming.

On iPhone, Hey Siri is now active all the time. I can’t wait for the iPhone 6S and 6S+ to be popular. You’ll be able to stand in a crowd and yell, “Hey Siri” and everyone’s phones will go off.

I can definitely see these devices as having needed features for the right customers. I hear some “lack of innovation” comments, but I mostly discount those. No one feature has ever been amazing when it was released. Every single one has had a crowd of people decrying it for one reason or another.

I’m really excited for all the new hardware and new OSes. Lots of new stuff to look forward to!

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