I am loving the ADN platform. ADN is short for ““. It’s a platform designed with developers in mind. The most user-facing feature is microblogging – short posts sent out to a list of followers. This is the feature I’m loving most.

At this time, the service is mostly made up of software developers and other geeks. It isn’t geeky, but you do find a higher level of discussion than you would on, say, other microblogging platforms (Twitter, Facebook).

You can post up to 256 characters at a time. ADN supports links, hashtags, replies, reposts, and many other features. But ADN is much more than a microblogging platform. File storage, file sharing, chat, blog, private message, analytics, video – more services are adding support for ADN all the time.

You should definitely check it out. You can find me on as apathos. If you’d like to join for free, click this link and we’ll both get extra storage:

There’s so much you can do there. I hope you’ll like it as much as I do!

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