My first coding experience

Jessica Rose (@jesslynnrose) asked: Tech Twitter: Where was the first place you did anything with code? Even if it was a little html tweak? RT for reach? I’m endlessly curious about this 🙏💖 — Jessica Rose (@jesslynnrose) February 16, 2018 My first coding experience was on our family’s TI-99/4A (I think. It was a long […]

Apple Event – September 2015

I’m really liking the way Apple is headed. Wednesday’s event was fast and crammed with stuff. Highlights: New Apple watch colors and bands. The new watchOS 2 was previously announced. iPad Pro: Larger size Force Touch Display Better sound (4 speakers) Optional Smart Keyboard – screen cover/keyboard a la Surface, based on MacBook keyboard Optional […]

It’s Just Not Possible

Here’s another one for the category “Modern man hasn’t been able to duplicate this, therefore it must be a myth.” – Crowdsourcing Software Testing

I am a tester at uTest uses crowdsourcing to test software. From a one-man shop to a giant corporation, it can be cost or time prohibitive to get the right setup to test your software across all necessary platforms. Imagine if you need to test your web app across all major browsers. That might […]


I am loving the ADN platform. ADN is short for ““. It’s a platform designed with developers in mind. The most user-facing feature is microblogging – short posts sent out to a list of followers. This is the feature I’m loving most. At this time, the service is mostly made up of software developers and […]